About Prosthetics in Kelowna

Fitting Your Physical Requirements and Your Lifestyle

Prosthesis is another word for artificial limb, a man-made replacement for any body part that has been lost due to injury, disease or congenital condition. Our certified prosthetists are highly trained practitioners who measure and fit prostheses. Your relationship with your prosthetist is an important and ongoing one as your interests, needs, habits and goals will determine the fit, comfort and suitability of your prosthesis. Every effort will be made to ensure that your prosthesis fits not only your physical requirements, but also your lifestyle.

Some of our custom designed and fitted artificial limbs include:

  • Above- & Below-Knee Prosthetics
  • Above- & Below-Elbow Arm Prosthetics
  • Myoelectrics

Individualized Requirements for Your Prosthetics in Kelowna

Because everyone’s body is unique and presents individualized requirements, we will work closely with you and your health providers to arrive at solutions that meet your particular needs. Contact the office nearest you to schedule a personal consultation for prosthetics in Kelowna.

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