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Quality Orthotics Services and Knee Braces in Kelowna

At B.C Prosthetic & Orthotic Services, we understand that injuries and illnesses are unpredictable. If not catered to in time, injuries can affect your mobility. Our purpose in designing quality knee braces and other orthotics is to help develop your mobility and reflexes using our orthotics devices.


When you need a support system to balance your body posture, movement and gait, rely on quality orthoses from B.C Prosthetic & Orthotic Services in Kelowna.

Professionally Fitted Support

Orthoses are braces and inserts that assist or support weakened or impaired joints and muscles. They provide protection or support in order to promote healing and build strength. At B.C. Prosthetic & Orthotic Services, we offer head-to-toe orthotic solutions in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, and Salmon Arm.

Individuals who require protection or support due to muscle or bone impairment will benefit substantially from the assistance of a certified orthotist. Standard orthotic appliances are available and are professionally fitted to meet our clients’ needs and active lifestyles. For specific physical challenges, custom orthotic appliances may be recommended.


Custom Designed Orthoses

Some of our custom-designed orthopedic appliances include:


Custom made foot orthoses

Knee ankle-foot orthoses

Knee orthoses

Knee ankle foot orthoses

Hip orthoses

Spinal orthoses 

Neck orthoses 

Sport bracing 

Shoulder orthoses 

Elbow orthoses 

Wrist orthoses 

Hand orthoses

Cranial remodelling orthoses


Benefits of Using Orthotics

There are several advantages of using orthotics. They include:

  • Orthotics are one of the main devices used to correct dysfunction in feet and ankles.
  • Reduces foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.
  • Orthotics might help in avoiding surgery to fix flat feet.
  • Orthotic devices enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Helps in treating medical conditions such as arthritis, bunions, flat feet and more.

Use quality orthotic devices to help regain the right posture and movement for your body.

Our Services:

Take a look at the services we provide:


Biomechanical analysis: A study that is used to analyze your movements. It helps in the prevention of injuries as well as in performance enhancement.


Gait assessment: It is used to examine your lower limbs for treating knee, hip and back pain. It is conducted by assessing the structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses of your lower limbs.


Diabetic foot assessment: It is conducted to detect any possible risk factors against peripheral neuropathy, foot ulceration, and amputation. 


Pediatric foot assessment: This is conducted to check if your child is experiencing pain in walking or running. We perform pediatric foot assessment by taking into consideration the biomechanics, gait evaluation, motor and neurological development as well as family history.





Get a Personal Consultation for Orthotics in Kelowna

B.C. Prosthetic & Orthotic Services has four locations in British Columbia for your convenience. Please contact your nearest office  to schedule a personal consultation regarding your individual needs for orthotics in Kelowna.


Are you looking for quality orthoses in Kelowna?

B.C. Prosthetic & Orthotic Services, offers custom-designed and fitted artificial limbs, bracing, insoles, and footwear to make your life more comfortable.

High-quality Knee Braces in Kelowna

We are your go-to place for top-notch orthoses or knee braces.

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